A Message to Start the Term                                     HOW OFTEN WILL YOU USE THIS LANGUAGE THIS TERM?

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Anzac AttendanceIf you attended an Anzac Service on the 25th April in your school uniform and have not yet given Mrs Stiles your name, please email her today.

If you  belong to a service group such as Girl Guides or St Johns and attended the Anzac Service in that group's uniform so were unable to wear your school uniform, please also email Mrs Stiles to let her know.

Assembly TodayPlease line up outside your rooms as soon as the 12:10 bell rings. We would like to have everyone seated by 12:15.

Remember to walk in silence and come into the hall the same way. 

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Congratulations R3Congratulation Room 3. You also had every student read at least 4 chapter books at their level in term 1.  Apologies for this oversight last term. 

If you read any books over the holidays, remember to record them on your reading log. You need to read at least one chapter book every 2 weeks to achieve our reading goal. Ask Mrs McLennan to help you find a book on a topic you are interested in, if you have difficulty finding books you enjoy reading.

Which house will get the bonus 1000 house points at the end of this term?

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NetballThere are 23 girls who still have money to pay for netball. All fees and dress money must be paid before you play in a Saturday team. This means your money needs to be paid to the student office by 3rd May if you want to play in the first game of the season. Please see Mrs Stiles if this is a problem for your family. 

Food EatingFor term 2 and term 3 ALL food is to be eaten on the assembly quad. The rest of the school grounds are food free areas including cloakbays, outside classrooms and the adventure playground!

Remember to put your food scraps and wrappers in the bins on the quad. 

It is not compulsory to wear your school hat in term 2 and 3, but you are welcome to do so, especially if you have fair skin.

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Science WeekThis week we are all starting Science Week - Have fun exploring the Living World.
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Japanese TravellersAll students travelling to Makuhari please meet Mr Gibbs in his office at the beginning of break 2 today.