Monday 31 August 2015
Matamata Intermediate


9:15am KhanTodd Rm3

9:45am JessicaGreaves Rm13

10:00am AlexisPrice Rm6


11:00am LiamWilliams Rm3

11:30am DennisZabjacan Rm6

12:15pm CalaisWetere-Chase Rm9

NZ AIMS HoodiesThe following students need to inform their parents about the NZ AIMS Games website as there is a link to the order site and your parents can order and pay from there. Ihaka W-K, Chloe C, Summer W, Ezrah L-T, Neive L.
Mrs McIntosh
Reading GoalHas your reading log got at least 3 chapter books recorded for this term? 

If it hasnt, then you need to do some extra reading until you catch up. The library is open at lunch times and there is a quiet spot outside Mrs Stiles' office if you dont want to read at home and need to do it at school.

Remember the 1000 house points!


AIMS Cross CountryPlease meet on the courts at 12:40 (the beginning of lunch), ready for our training. It is important you are all there on time.
I still don't have notices for Mollie, Casey, Khan, Maddison and Don. Please return them to me before morning tea or come and talk to me about the training. 
NetballIf you are a Year 8 please do not sell your dress to a Year 6 as they must buy a new one. If you would like to donate your dress to the school we will find a use for them in another school