Monday 15 September 2014
Matamata Intermediate

A Message for the Week

Introducing you to Isaac Cameron. Mrs Pearson says he is sleeping well and gaining weight really well too.  She especially wanted R14 to see her little boy and will bring in for a visit sometime soon.

Isaac Pearson 2.jpg

Isaac Pearson.jpg
AIMS NetballPlease meet in Room 13 quickly at interval today
Prose Reading CompetitionIf anyone else would like to enter this competition, please get the guidelines from Mrs Stiles today and get your name on the entry list. Give it a go as at the moment we have a very small group of entrants.
RubbishPlease remember that only paper recycling is taken to Mr Rob's shed AND ONLY ONE person is to go to empty the green recycling bin.

Please remember that all scraps from your white bucket are emptied into the wheelie bin outside YOUR ROOM OR IN YOUR CLOAKBAY. 

This means the highest number of students visiting the recycling shed in an afternoon would be 12 and NO classroom rubbish would be emptied into Mr Rob's wheelie bin by the shed.

Thank you

Student ForumPlease meet Mrs Stiles at 12:20 in the library today.
Wooden Science Fair BoardsIf you borrowed a wooden science fair board could you please return it to Rm 9 TODAY - so that Mr Rob can get them put away. Thanks

From the Wheelie Bin family Hey M. I. S students, our  wheelie bin family is disappointed because we have no arms and when you drop your rubbish we cannot pick it up. Why  leave your scraps agonisingly close to us, or in the bushes? Your rubbish is our food. Come on feed us! We do not want to go hungry so please feed us!
 Thank you 
M T Tummy 
 Head of the wheelie bin family.
Brain FoodRemember at MIS we eat well to help us with our learning. This means lots of fruit, vegetables and grains and we drink plenty of water.

Lollies and fizzy drinks are left at home. Please understand that if you bring them to school from now on they will not be returned.
College Enrolments Year 8 students who have not yet returned their college enrolment to their teacher need to bring it back to school. The college need these forms for you to be able to attend Matamata College.

1000 bonus house points for the first class with all forms back.
500 bonus house points for the second class with all forms back.
300 bonus house points for the third class with all forms back.

Medal winnersAims medal winners please come to the office at 12:20 today to meet with Abbey from the chronicle. Please be in full winter school uniform with shoes on and bring your medals.

Aims 7s Rugby Please bring your tracksuits to Rm 10 now.
NETBALL - MIS TIGERSHi girls, can you please come to Room 8 at interval this morning - I have got something for you ....... thanks, Mrs Carter.
Rugby League - AIMS TeamA quick meeting at morning tea today in Rm3. Please come as soon as bell rings. 

All Aims tracksuits and gear should be returned today. Please take your tracksuit and any items of uniform to Mr Wiseman. Please do not bring gear over in learning time.


7A and 8A who have their netball tracksuits please return these to Ms H to be signed off.

Beat Vox Band restarting this weekBeat Vox Band is restarting this week now that AIMS is finished. Please come to the music suite at the start of fitness 12.20 on Tuesday. Open to all students interested in coming along! (Still compulsory for band students!) Thanks, Miss Stevens
Guitar group rehearsalCould Ian McLaughlin's guitar group please see Loretta in her teaching studio at 11.30am today for a rehearsal with the singers for their upcoming assembly performance:
David Hancock, 
John McQueen-Couch
Shelton Sankey
Thank you, Miss Stevens
Rock Band and singing group rehearsal lunchtime in hallRock Band and Mrs Fawcett's singing group will rehearse today at lunchtime in the hall. Thanks, Miss Stevens
Rock Band rehearsalRock Band rehearsal is on today at lunchtime. Can Mrs Fawcett's singing group join us please. Thanks, Miss Stevens