Wednesday 7 December 2016
Matamata Intermediate

Adventure PlaygroundIf Mrs Stiles picks up food scraps and food wrappers under, and around, the Adventure Playground today, it will be closed on Thursday.
If you are eating at break times, you eat on the quad. 

At sit down lunch time, you eat under the R3-6 trees.

Thank you
ART FROM ABOVE SURVEYPlease complete the survey for our final design for the 2017 Art from Above event. SURVEY LINK. We would really appreciate your ideas on how to make the final design unique/connected to Matamata ( Remember you will all be involved as this is a collaborative event between MIS, The College and possibly Firth Primary) So have your say!
CanteenLunch Monitors and orderers, as we near the end of the year, we need to empty the canteen stock, so some days there may be no or low stocks. Mrs McIntosh will replace items with similar ones. Show your 3 C's and understanding around this.
The end of the Year is drawing very close and there have been some changes at the College regarding the Uniform Room.
As from the 1st December the Uniform Room will be located in A BLOCK
(To the right of the staff room and up the stairs and on your immediate left).
Signs will be in place soon, please look out for them.
School Bank Account:
If you wish to begin pre-payment you must follow this procedure.
1.      Phone the school office 881 9018 (Mandy) and ask for your students school ID number.
2.      To start a payment we MUST have the following information.
Bank:  12-3438-0024895-00
Your Students ID number and Name
Reference:  UNIFORM 
Open days date/time reminder:

December 12, 13, 14  from 10am - 1pm  then again at 2pm - 6pm
January 23, 24, 25  from 10am - 1pm  then again at 2pm - 6pm
Want to purchase before the December opening days?     
I am in school most days from 9am - 1pm.

You are welcome to  contact me as below and arrange a time with me.

Please do not just arrive and please do NOT try and book a time with school office staff.
They are very busy much of the time - thank you.

Kay Tappin
Uniform Manager
Matamata College
07 881 9018  Ext 387

027 392 8315  (School Phone)

Jahrome Wharawhara R12 at 9
Conradt Dreyer R10 at 9.30
Liam Williams R7 at 11.30
Hayley Saunders R8 at 9am
Hayley Te Moanunui R13 at 10
John Salinas R7 at 10.45
Gina Witika R14 at 11.45
Liam Shelley R10 at 1.30
Lost SockMrs Stiles has a boy's sock in good condition that fell out of someone's bag at bus lines at the gate. Please come and collect it if you lost a sock yesterday.
Matamata CollegeYear 8's - message from Mr Hills, Matamata College regarding your first day at College in 2017 - please bring your college PE gear to school on first day.

Computers to Withdrawal RoomAt 9am could R1-5 please bring their devices to the withdrawal room.

At 9:30 could R6-8 please bring their devices to the withdrawal room.

At 10:30 could R9, 10, 13, 14 please bring their devices to the withdrawal room.

R12 please keep the cow in your store room.

Thank you. This will make moving easier and quicker tomorrow.

Computers to Withdrawal RoomWhen you take your computers to the withdrawal room, please put them on the table where the label matches the laptop label.

Thank you
Concert Band InstrumentsIf you have hired a Band Instrument (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone) from school or Shearers Music Works, please return these to Mr Barratt by the end of school on Thursday.
Leaders 2017A reminder that you are working with Ben today at lunch. Meet in R5 with your lunch as soon as the lunch bell rings.
Lunch EatingAt lunch time, from today onwards the lunch eating area will be under the trees outside Rooms 3-6. At break 1 and 2, you MUST be on the quad if you are eating.  

Room 4 and 5, can you please make sure your wheelie bins are on the edge of the grass at lunch time. 
Year 8's leavingAs the year rapidly comes to an end, you might like to think about what you are going to do with all your work in your Google Drive. If you wish to keep this work, you need to do either of 2 things:
  • You can create your own personal G-mail account and share any of your work to this new account (in the new account, you then make a copy so that your new account has ownership of the documents) OR
  • If you have lots of documents you own, you might like to do a 'Google Takeout' - this downloads all your work into a zipped folder onto your computer. Check out this video for instructions
All leaving students accounts will be archived at the end of the year. 
If you have any issues or questions, ask

Sport and House LeadersPlease meet in R5 at break 2 about our water sports afternoon.
Winter OlympicsPlease bring sneakers for our last trial this year, on Friday afternoon

Final drummers recital night showTonight is the final drummers recital and drumline,in the music room,
Year 7s 7pm
Year 8s and college 7.30pm
Should be all finished by 8.30pm