ICAS ScienceICAS Science will be held Monday P2 in D2 so look at the website for practice papers and helpful preparation hints.  RH
Taine Marker, Vincent Metcalf, Ethan Walton-Jones, Amy Dyer, Varya Kern, Hannah and Emily Winters-Dodd, Sam Dutton, Blaine Kaiser.
Speech semi-finals and finalYear 11 semi-final Period 1 Monday - Judge Mr Williams
Year 9 semi-final Period 4 Monday -Judge Mr Walton-Jones
Year 10 semi-final Period 1 Tuesday - Judge Mrs Rangi
Year 12 and 13 semi-final Period 3 Tuesday Judges Mrs Tor year 12 and Ms Brown Year 13

All semis will be in E1. My room will be available if classes need to move.

Speech finals are Period 5 on Tuesday. Semi finals will be filmed and if you are going to Wellington, arrangements will be made to show a winning speech for the judges in assembly HT
Wearable Art Competition22 June
Entry forms at the office. SG

ICAS WritingICAS Writing will this year focus on narrative. HT
Word of the Week

  1. having or showing sensitive insight.
    "an extraordinarily perceptive account of their relationship"
    synonyms:insightful, discerning, responsive, sensitive, observant

Compassion"Wonder Woman, she's amazing. I love everything that she represents and everything that she stands for. She's all about love and compassion and truth and justice and equality, and she's a whole lot of woman."

Gal Gadot

Cross country 2018- Whole schoolCongratulations year 1-10 runners

Year 11- 13 will race at 12.30 today ( Monday 28th May)

would Blaise, Ethan, Trey, Alex S and Paige Clement go to see Mr Mouat during form time today. Thanks