Tuesday 13 November 2018
Tauraroa Area School

5 A-Side NetballHi everyone.  4 teams entered from years 7 & 8, and two entered from years 9 & 10.  Soooo... I have put teams into two pools to play games over the next two weeks.

The draw for the two weeks is below.  Please read times and days carefully.  Some teams have two games in week 1. Get changed promptly and come to the turf at lunchtime.  Games are 8 minute halves, with 2 minutes at half time.  Mrs Pascoe will give each team the extra instructions.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Tuesday 13th at 1.20pm

Tuesday 13th at 1.40pm

Wednesday 14th at 1.20pm

Wednesday 14th at 1.40pm

Death From Above

The Demolishers


Chick'N Nuggets

Sugar Rush

Death From Above

No Ideas



Round 5

Round 6

Finals - Round 7

Staff vs Students

Tuesday 20th at 1.20pm

Tuesday 20th at 1.40pm

Wednesday 21st at 1.20pm

Wednesday 21st at 1.40-2.05pm

Sugar Rush

The Demolishers

Chick'N Nuggets

No Ideas

Highest Points Scored - Team A

Highest Points Scored - Team B




NCEA Exams On TodayThis morning it is the turn of our Year 13 students who are sitting their Calculus exam. This afternoon it is Year 11 Economics.
Great stuff keeping clear and quiet around the hall yesterday morning. It is appreciated!
Woodwind Wednesday/Concert Band....Bring your instrument
Word of the Week
  1. 1.
    extravagant publicity or fuss.
    "after all the ballyhoo, the film was a flop"
    synonyms:publicity, advertising, promotion, marketing, propaganda, push, puffery, build-up, boosting; 
  1. 1.
    praise or publicize extravagantly.
    "each company ballyhoos its product as though it were the most outstanding in all creation"

Competition 9 and 10

A quick reminder that 10th December is the closing date for entries for the JustTalk  NZ-wide justice speech competition for Year 9 & 10 students.

So now is a good time to encourage your students to submit their speeches online at http://justtalk.org.nz/students/


Details -

- Free entry

- open to any Year 9 & 10 students

- speech can be on any social justice topic (3-7 minutes long)

- filmed by phone or any other easy method - submitted via our website http://justtalk.org.nz/students/

- judged by independent judges

- first prize of $1000 for student + $1000 for charity of their choice + $1000 for their school

- 5 spot prizes of $100 each (to encourage participation)


The purpose of the competition is to encourage students to make a speech on any social justice topic, with the hope of increasing the understanding of social justice issues amongst NZ students.

Duke of Ed information eveningThere is an information evening in Mr. Caves room on Wednesday night at 7pm for participants and parents new to Duke of Ed. 

Year 7/8 Touch Rugby PracticeThe Year 7/8 Touch Rugby Team will be training every Monday and Thursday at lunchtime on the rugby field leading up to our tournament day on the 23rd November. Please ensure you bring a drink bottle and a change of clothes, as we will be ramping up the fitness and structural aspect of our training sessions.

See you all there.

Mr McDonald

CongratulationsA big well done to all students who ran, jumped and threw to their best ability- it was great to watch you all out there giving you best shot
Well done and good luck to all those who are going on to represent our school at the Zone Event- bring your letters back asap ta!

Twenty Day Music ChallegeHow's this going!  Make it a daily thing.... music boot camp!

Year 10
Thank youTo all the year 10 students who helped run the primary athletics yesterday- THANK YOU
You guys did a fantastic job and we couldn't have run the event without you.
Thank you!