Monday 23 October 2017
Tauraroa Area School

Stationery for saleThe school office will be holding a small supply of emergency stationery for sale to students.
Items available from Friday 20/10/17

Pens - Blue/Black/Red    $0.40
Pencils - $0.30
Erasers - $0.50
Rulers - $0.50
1B5 Exercise Books - $0.80
Refill A4 Pads - $2.00

Country Day RafflePlease remember to bring in your contributions for the Country Day Raffle THIS WEEK. You can give them to Anna at the Office or to your Waka teacher. Sold raffle tickets and money need to go to the Office/Waka teachers. If you would like to sell more tickets, you can ask Anna at the Office for more. Thanks in advance for your support :)
School LunchesMondays and Fridays - Pies, noodles, cookies, ice blocks and other food will be available from the school Tuck shop.
Wednesdays - Hot chips, cookies and ice blocks and other food available from the tuck shop. 
Wednesdays are fundraising for Shalise and her exchange to Mangaia. Mondays and Fridays are fundraising for Libby's Showcase dance in the Gold Coast. Please support us. Primary students please order your lunch each morning. Price list to be sent out shortly. 

Study RoomPlease make use of the study room and free tutoring that is available every lunch time in D1. This will be especially helpful for Year 11 students who are going to be sitting NCEA exams for the first time! Even if you are feeling confident about your subjects, it will be helpful to check in and talk with the Year 12 and 13 mentors who have experience in your subjects and may be able to give you advice. Make the most of the help available!