Friday 15 September 2017
Tauraroa Area School

Guitar today

(Group 1 8:50am - 9:20am G Chord to C9)

Boston Mannagh    Y4    Room 7    
Anahira Tupou    Y4    Room 3
Taira Kake    Y4. Room 7
Archie Hay    Y4    Room 7
Lacy Hyde Y3  Room 3

(Group 2 9:20am - 9:50am)
Jamie Dowson    Y6 Room 
Dean Russell    Y6 Room 4 Eminor
Ethan Connell    Y6 Room 6
Brody Schucter 
Samantha Moses
Tanika Betting    Y6
Niamh Coles-Gollop

(Group 3 9:50am - 10:20am)

Savanna Crouch    7AA
Macayla Wilson    7AA
Anahera Rangi    7PA
Ngawai Renau            7PA
Miles Cullen     9ARAAK
Coddy Mason

Group 4 10:20am - 10:50am
Alisha Thompson    7AA Room 10
Paige Rogers              Y6  Room 5
Aiden Albert                        Y6
Julian Cannell                 Y5
Jadyen Angus              10AOTSG    

Group 5 11:10am - 11:40am

Natasha Bamforth              8AW
Shalise Hunt.                  8GM
Jordan Williams               7PA
James Thornton              9TAKAL 
Phaerie Edwards              9TATK
Daffney Wesley  

Group 6 11:40 - 12:10pm
Sunniva Hunt
Mystery Lelievre
Natahlia Albert    9TAICJ
Kohine Taylor    13ARAE
Te Waipuia Hill-Te-Hira    8AW

Group 7 12:10pm -12:40pm
Jack Thompson
Riley Morgan    8AW
Samuel Graham    10TAKAL
Kahurangi Edmonds 

Group 8 12:40 - 1:10pm
Jayda Ratima
Stephane Batistich
Estelle Cullen
Lily Johns
Happy Birthday AngharadHappy Birthday to Angharad Y From ARAEK (17 September)
Happy Birthday CarterHappy Birthday to Carter G From Room 5 (16 September)
Happy Birthday DaphneyHappy Birthday to Daphney W From ARAAK (16 September)
Happy Birthday GeorgiaHappy Birthday to Georgia R From TAIKC (15 September)
Happy Birthday JakobHappy Birthday to Jakob H From TAKTK (16 September)
Happy Birthday JoshHappy Birthday to Josh T From Room 6 (17 September)
Happy Birthday SaxonHappy Birthday to Saxon R From TAICJ (17 September)
Hot Chips WednesdayWednesday this week is hot chips day. You can order hot chips and juicies.
Mufti Day, Friday, 15 SeptemberThis Friday is Mufti. Celebrate Spring! If you wish to participate, please bring a gold coin donation for Student Council, otherwise it is uniforms as usual.
SADD CluedoThis Friday is Dead Day Cluedo run by the SADD Committee. There will be a crime scene set up in a meeting room during interval. Your job is to collect clues from other Committee members who will be dressed in black and put them together to solve the crime, relating to an aspect of dangerous driving. Put your answer in the box in the office. The winner will be announced during the last assembly of the month and there are great prizes up for grabs. Competition is open to Years 7-13.
TAS Poetry CompetitionThis year the competition is open - that is you can write any type of poem on any subject. See posters around the school for details. Deadline for entries is the end of this term. Send or deliver entries to Mrs Tor in Room 16.
VPI interviews for 2018
The following students need to check their emails and reply to Mrs Cameron.

Jayden T: Dwayne Brady Ben M Johnson
Duncan Jamal Jess Lucas Landon

Any other students who wish to apply for VPI MUST see Mrs Cameron today.

Mufti PaymentsMufti payments are to be made to your form teacher and not handed into the office - Thank you for your co-operation
Phone found in Room 10Please come to the office if you think it may be yours.
WHANGAREI GROUP CALF CLUB TROPHIES - PLEASE RETURN TO NorthlandWinners of last year trophies from Barge Park Central day are to be returned to NORTHLAND SEED AND SUPPLIES in Okara Drive Whangarei.  These are not to be dropped off at the school office.  Please have your parents deliver to the above address thank you.

Charlotte Ngakuru-Smith - Buckland Trophy
Benjamin McCullough Elgas Trophy and Northland Seed & Supplies Trophy
Aaron Skelton Northland Seed & Supplies Trophy
Keeley McCollum Progressive Limousins Trophy, O'Shea Trophy, Taylor Cup, Allens Farm & Country Cup, Hillendale Cup
Kingston Paston-Ross         Whangarei Group Trophy, Wrightson Retail Trophy
Amelia Paston-Ross            Whangarei Group Trophy, Farmlands Whangarei Cup

Thank you for your co-operation

Word of the Week
  1. 1.
    please (someone) greatly.
    "an experience guaranteed to delight both young and old"
    synonyms:please greatly, charm, enchant, captivate, entrance, bewitch, thrill, excite,
     take someone's breath away
  1. 1.
    great pleasure.
    "the little girls squealed with delight"
    synonyms:pleasure, happiness, joy, joyfulness, glee, gladness, gratification, relish,
     excitement, amusement
    You can use delighted, delightful, delightfully

Yr 11-13Please return school trophies to front office.

Drum lessons are on today


P1 8:50

Caleb Breen 7AA, Riley Goffin 7AA,

P1 9:20

Toby Lincoln 9A, Ty-Isaiah Brownlee 10TAKDO, Samuel Graham 10TAKAL

P2 9:50

Niamh Coles-Gollop Y6, Emily Winters-Dodd 7PA, Matthew Parry

P2 10:20

Josaiah Fue 9TAIHT

P3 11:10

Hayden Mansell Y5, Lorelei Hood Y4, Kate Hunter Y4 R7

P3 11:40

Dean Russell Y6 R4, Te Whakataatare Rangi Y5 R5

P4 12:10

Ezra Dwane 10AOTVR, Tu Kotahi Hill-Te Hira 10TAKDO, Jamie Robinson 8GM

P4 12:40

Alec Timperley Y8GM, Alex Hunter 7AA,






Nina Spick 12AOTMAG

Jazz Band lunchtime today
Kupu MaoriHe aha te Kupu Maori mo parliament

UniformsALL netball uniforms including jackets and hockey uniforms should all be back by now.  Taking too long to get back.
Shadae where is the football uniform?

Year 13
The Waikato Liaison officer will be in for course planning on Friday 20 October at 1pm. Please set a reminder on your phone or write the date and time in your diary so that you remember. If you have applied for Waikato, you should be attending this session.

Ms. McKellar

Year 12
year 13 camp 2018forms need to be in today to book a spot