Tuesday 15 August 2017
Tauraroa Area School

Guitar lessons today

Group 1 8:50am - 9:20am

Boston Mannagh Y4

Anahira Tupou Y4

Taira Kake Y4

Archie Hay Y4

Nathan Dowson Y2

Group 2 9:20am - 9:50am Despacito

Jamie Dowson Y6

Dean Russell Y6
Julian Cannell

Ethan Connell Y6

Brody Schucter

Samantha Moses

Tanika Betting Y6

Group 3 9:50am - 10:20am

Aiden Albert          Y6

Savanna Crouch 7AA

Macayla Wilson 7AA

Anahera Rangi 7PA

Ngawai Renau            7PA
Miles Cullen 9ARAAK

Group 4 10:20am - 10:50am

Alisha Thompson 7AA

Paige Rogers Y6

Michayla Kennedy 10TAIKC

Lerinda Ross 10AOTSG

Dimetrius Pairama 10TAIKC

Jadyen Angus 10AOTSG

Coddy Mason

Group 5 11:10am - 11:40am

Natasha Bamforth          8AW

Shalise Hunt.                  8GM

Jordan Williams           7PA

James Thornton          9TAKAL

Phaerie Edwards          9TATK

Group 6 11:40 - 12:10pm

Sunniva Hunt

Mystery Lelievre

Natahlia Albert 9TAICJ

Kohine Taylor 13ARAE

Group 7 12:10pm -12:40pm

Jack Thompson

Riley Morgan 8AW

Samuel Graham 10TAKAL

Kahurangi Edmonds

Group 8 12:40 - 1:10pm

Jayda Ratima

Hoana Enmonds

Estelle Cullen

Te Waipuia Hill-Te-Hira 8AW

Stephaine Batistich

Happy Birthday AliceHappy Birthday to Alice W From TAKTK (15 August)
Hot Chips WednesdayWednesday this week is hot chips day. You can order hot chips and juicies.
Maths WeekA bit easier this time up - Question 2:
Susie is 30 years younger than her Mum. Susie worked out that if she added 10 to her age, then tripled it, she would be double her Mum's age. How old is Susie's Mum? Get your written solution (with working) (or email al.kirk@tauraroa.school.nz) to Mr Kirk before the end of lunchtime today (Tuesday) to be in the draw for a pack of hot chips.
Mufti Day - 18 AugustTo Celebrate Maths Week, there will be a mufti day on Friday, 18th August.  The theme is "Life of Pi."  
UPDATE- ICAS Test for Mathematics is NOW Fri 18 August Period 3

Jordan Breen4
Te Whahataarare Rangi5
Charlotte Dutton6
Varya Kern6
Emily Winters-Dodd7
Emily Dainty7
Caleb Breen7
Natasha Bamforth8
Will Visser8
Hannah Winters Dodd9
Ben Alford9
Aart Lewis10
Ethan Walton-Jones10
Cassandra De Weyer11
Selena De Weyer11
Savana Crouch7AA
James Walton-Jones7PA
Vincent Metcalf8gm

Delayed due to illness so make sure you are organised!!!Remember to bring a pencil and an eraser.  You cannot use a coloured pencil or a pen.

Well doneMaths Week answer to Question 1 (yesterday) ... Thanks to those who attempted the question - it was a bit tricky, with the error occurring in line 5 (you cannot cancel out the (a-b)'s on both sides since a=b, so in effect you are dividing by zero - which is a no-no). Good luck with Question 2 today

SADD teamPlease see MRs Cameron in her office today interval- URGENT and IMPORTANT
Word of the Week
  1. a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.
    "I'll make the decision on my own"
    synonyms:resolution, conclusion, settlement, commitment, resolve, determination
    • the action or process of deciding something or of resolving a question.
      "the information was used as the basis for decision"
    • the ability or tendency to make decisions quickly; decisiveness.
      "she was a woman of decision"
      synonyms:decisiveness, determination, resolution, resoluteness, resolve, firmness


"Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up."

Jesse Jackson

Girls Football uniformsFOOTBALL UNIFORM - Jasmine Armstrong, Rebecca Karels, Jess Barfoot, Raven Malcom, Emma Dutton, Shadae Tomes, Hana Meuli-Hemara - YOU need to return please.
Hearing & Handling CourseY11-13 students that are interested in getting certified for workplace safety in terms of hearing conservation and manual handling please come to the Gateway office for more information.
NCEA re-submissions and extra timeRoom 23 lunchtime today. WJ

Lunchtime Basketball CompetitionThe Lunchtime Basketball Competition is starting this week on Wednesday at lunchtime. Year 3-6 teachers have all been emailed the team lists and schedules, so students need to check which team they are in and make sure they get to their game on time.
This week's games are:

1:20pm = Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics
1:40pm = Chicago Bulls vs L.A. Lakers

If the weather is fine the games will be on the turf, otherwise in the hall if it is wet

Mr McDonald

Concert Band and Jazz BandFor the Road show trip tomorrow you will need your own fold up music stand. Bring it from home or if you don't have one, get one from the music room today. You will also be responsbile for your music folder so please get that from the music room today also. You will depart from the front of the school straight after morning roll call. You need lunch and to be in school uniform. Eli I don't have a permission slip from you yet.
Dani Ngakuri-SmithI need a permission slip from you if you are coming on the trip tomorrow, thanks.
Jazz Band lunchtime todayas usual
Kapa Haka- ThursdayJuniors period 2
Seniors period 3
Kupu MaoriTe aha te Kupu Maori mo kura
Trumpet lessonsMorgan and Emma J you can catch up your lesson second half period five today if you have your instrument.

Collegiate HockeyWednesday training at lunchtime 
All welcome_ Penalty Corners/ Shoot outs/ skill development

Thursday lunchtime
Training game
Div 3 v Div 4 team