Wednesday 2 December 2015
Tauraroa Area School

'WILD ABOUT READING' Summer Reading ProgrammeCome to the library and collect your books for some 'Wild' Summer Reading these holidays
Choose at least 4 books - at least one must have an animal theme
Place in plastic bag
Write your NAME and CLASS on the bag please
We will issue the books then insert goodies and 'WILD' activities into your bag
You will take home the bag of books next week
Movie Passes and vouchers are just some of the prizes you could win when you enter our 'WILD' competitions
See if you can beat last year's tremendous hours of reading
Sausage SizzleLast sausage sizzle to day for this year.
Wet LunchtimesA reminder that three bells means it's too wet to go outside.
One bell gives the "all clear" to leave the classrooms

Concert Band and Woodwindtoday as usual
Guitar LessonsNo guitar lessons today, sorry. Teacher is ill.
Kapa HakaBrief practice today for prize-givings.
Seniors period 1 in drama room.
Juniors period 2 in drama room.

Year 10
Abbey CavesAll Year 10's please come to D3 at the start of lunchtime for a quick meeting about Abbey Caves.  It should not take long if everyone comes ASAP.

Music CampStudents on music camp next week, check your school email account for details.

Year 9
Music CampStudents on music camp, check your school email for details.