Wednesday 17 October 2018
Tauraroa Area School

Your help is needed!We are in desperate need of more families to host the Japanese students in November. PLEASE ask your parents if you can help. We need 21 more families!!!!!! These are the last groups we will be hosting for at least 12 months so if you have been thinking about it, the time is NOW!
Please email Mrs Burns on if you can help.
Thank you!

Country Day RaffleAll students have been given a raffle ticket book to sell. When you sell your tickets, please bring the money and the part of the book with the names on it to the office. Also bring in your year level donation to contribute to the prizes. Give these to your teachers or hand in at the office. If you were away and did not receive your raffle ticket book, ask your teacher. If you want to sell more, ask for more books at the office.
To See Mr WJ at Waka Time TodayThe following Y11 students: Tu Kotahi, Ezra, Ian, and Kade
TROPHIESTROPHIES TROPHIES these are NEEDED back ASAP. A lot of seniors with trophies that have to be back.
Word of the Week
  1. 1.
    talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way.
    "they babbled on about their holiday"
    synonyms:prattle, rattle on, gabble, chatter, jabber, twitter, go on, run on, prate, ramble, burble, blather, blether, blither, maunder, drivel, patter, yap, jibber-jabber; 
  2. 2.
    (of a stream) make the continuous murmuring sound of water flowing over stones.
    "a gently babbling brook"
    synonyms:burble, murmur, gurgle, purl, tinkle; 
    "just out of sight a brook babbled gently"
  1. 1.
    the confused sound of a group of people talking simultaneously.
    "a babble of protest"
  2. 2.
    the continuous murmuring sound of water flowing over stones in a stream.
    "the babble of a brook"

Consideration (and concern) for Others
"You can't really get to know a person until you get in their shoes and walk around in them." 

? Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

2018 gateway and trades celebration ASAP instructions :)Did you go to Northtec and study a trade?
 Did you do VPI?
Did you do a gateway placement OR Gateway course ?

IF should have an invite to our celebrations dinner- we need to know if you and your family are coming...please let Sheree OR Mrs Cameron know numbers ASAP
 thank you.
 If you did not get an invite see us ASAP
 If you are not coming- let us know ASAP

Duke of Ed Bronze Registration and age requirementsIt's your chance!  As long as you turn 14 next year you can join DOE. There is a Duke of Ed Bronze registration meeting, Today at lunchtime, 1:10 in D3.  This only happens once every 2 years.  Don't miss out.  

KapahakaAta marie koutou

Kapahaka today is;

Juniors period 4
Seniors period 5

Mauri ora, Matua Paul 
Recorder GroupRecorder Group will meet on Thursdays in Room 3.
Singing LessonsTimetable
I have added in some new solo lesson times for some music students.  Please let me know if this doesn't suit before your lesson time so I can make other arrangements.  Thanks.
P5 2.10 - 2.40: Daphne
P5 2.40 - 3.10: Year 8 Group

P1 9.00 - 9.25: Angharad
P1 9.25 - 9.55: Primary Singing Group (Yr4-6)

P1 8.50 - 9.20: Year 7 Group
P1 9.20 - 9.50: Year 9-10 Group
P4 12.10 - 12.40: Senior Choir
P4 12.40 - 1.10: Kaprice/Brooke
P5 2.10 - 2.40: Emma D
P5 2.40 - 3.10:
Trumpet lessonsPeriod One today. Zaria, Kate, Olivia first half, Lily and Shelldon second half.
Woodwind Wednesday and Concert Band

Before School


Period One
Concert Band

Period Two

First half: Madison, Varya, Hannah, Darius

Second half: Amelie Loots

Period Three

First Half: Taine, Renee

Second Half: Amy Dyer, Haydn Mansell

Period Four

First Half: Maxie Nel, Zoey Gilmore

Second Half: Violet, Chad, Ethan (please advise me if you can not make it.)

Period Five

First Half: Harumi, Charlotte

Second Half: Ava Dainty,  Haydn VDP, Sophie Mansell.

SPORTS UNIFORMSNETBALL, FOOTBALL, HOCKEY, ANY sports uniforms are to be returned ASAP.  Too many still out.....
Touch RugbyTouch Rugby - lunchtime practices:

Year 7/8 = Thursdays
Year 9/10 = Wednesdays

Mr McDonald

Year 12
Blair ThomasPlease see Mr WJ during waka time today.
Mr Kirk's Yr 12 Maths classA reminder of the tutorial (Rm 15) today 1.10pm - 1.40pm (Bring your lunch)